When selling, what's not in a home is as important as what is.

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When a potential buyer looks for a home in the Greater Indianapolis area, one of the things they are probably looking for is SPACE. Ironically, many homes for sale are full of STUFF. Stuff rarely sells a home. Even when vacant homes are staged, we don’t bring in stuff, we add furniture, art, and accessories to help buyers visualize the space, establish form and function, and control the buyer’s eye to focal points and features. Everything is very calculated.

Empty space is a key element in staging a home

For occupied homes in particular, removing the seller’s personality and connection to the home is important. Since buyers needs to visualize themselves, and not the seller, living in the home this is an important step to achieving the best end result possible. Like vacant homes, the layout of the home needs to be carefully orchestrated to achieve the best flow for the floor plan, rooms need to have a clear function, and the buyer’s eye needs to flow from feature to feature without missing a beat.

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Homes that are lived in typically have an abundance of furniture, art, and accessories. The flow of the room may be blocked because of the way the seller likes to live. Bedrooms may be turned into offices. Dining rooms may have extra chairs or no place to eat at all. The TV may be placed so that the seller can recline on the sofa to watch it, but the room may look better if it was located where multiple family members could face it.

Removing pieces that are not necessary in the home can free up space while shifting other pieces may create a different feeling or better show off a focal point. Hiring a professional home stager, like those at Home Matters, will help sellers understand exactly what to do (and why to do it) to make the most of the sale of their home.