The Power of Rapport when hiring a Professional Home Stager.

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Remember the old saying that how you say something is often as important as what you say?
Well, that’s certainly true when it comes to hiring any professional home stager. It’s not enough to have excellent design skills; they also need strong “people” skills in building rapport that lets realtors, builders, home owners know they can get the job done and will help you work through the often-delicate process of turning a household back into a house for sale.

The rapport a professional stager builds with their clients allows them to trust that they care for them -whether they’re conducting a pre-staging consultation or a full-service staging-even in the stickiest situation. And we know that professional stagers rely on their clients’ referrals to help build their businesses.

The rapport a staging professional builds with home sellers not only allows them to be open to their guidance, but also helps sellers begin to see their home as a marketable product. Before they can ask you to pack away your favorite collections, take down your personal photos and remove all traces of your beloved pets, home sellers need to trust that stagers are an ally who has their best interest at heart. Strong interpersonal skills allow them to reach out to home sellers by discussing their needs and goals, educating them about the whys of home staging as well as the hows, and responding to their questions and concerns in a kind, caring manner.

Top stagers never forget that depersonalizing a home is a highly personal matter. Every seller has a story that got them to the point of putting their home on the market. It may involve death, divorce, financial difficulties or a work transfer that has temporarily separated their family. Whatever the circumstance, mixing in a little warmth and understanding with their professional staging guidance can encourage home sellers to let go and move forward with their lives. No, stagers are not psychotherapists, but their work does touch people’s lives in a very intimate way.