The Stress Test

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Once upon a time, calling in a professional Home Stager was a Realtor’s last resort. A home had sat on the market for four-to-six months and was no closer to selling than it was before. Price reductions and open houses failed to generate a decent response and now wanting to take a different approach, they bring in a professional who makes a lot of suggestions causing the homeowners to question the reasons why now it is important to do and stress out trying to get it all done.

I understand, really I do and that’s why more and more Realtors are suggesting home staging as the first step in your home’s overall marketing plan. Before you list that property, you should take the time to get it show ready so that you give yourself the best possible chance of selling in less time and for more money.

Home Matters staging at 9125 Doe Spring Drive, Indianapolis IN 462782   Home Matters staging at 9125 Doe Spring Drive, Indianapolis IN 462783   Home Matters staging at 9125 Doe Spring Drive, Indianapolis IN 462786

Is it less stressful? Maybe not, but the process is more fluid. You see a means to an end rather than another hurdle to jump through and sometimes that can make all of the difference to a homeowner.  We all know that being on the real estate market is an inconvenience state of living and the idea is of course to shorten the time of that inconvenience. The inconvenience you experience now can save you a lot of time, trouble, money and heartache in the future.

Of course no one wants to think about making improvements or doing a lot of additional work on their home prior to selling it, but believe me; you will pay for it whether it is now or later. Price reductions are not cheap, neither are negotiations.

Why not give your home the best shot to be sold from the beginning because it is the best abode on the avenue?

We create stylish, warm and welcoming houses that captures the buyers’ attention from the moment they are introduced to the property.  We focus on the buyer demographics, the selling features, life style selling techniques and the strategic placement of furniture, art, and accessories that translates to a powerful marketing tool.

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