The screen test

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Is your home ready for its close up? The four P’s of home selling will ensure that it will be. When you follow these simple strategies, you will create the most effective Real Estate public relations campaign.

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      Price: When you contact your agent, they will help determine the “going rate” for similar homes in your area and will work with you to find a price that fits the market and meets your needs.

2       Presentation: In order to ready your home for resale, contact a professional Home Stager, such as Home Matters for a consultation to help you with what to pre-pack, update, refresh, and refine as well as configure your home’s furnishings for maximizing your sales potential.

3       Photography: I can’t say enough about the importance of great photography when it comes to selling your home. It is a vital part of your marketing strategy and the key to getting potential buyers to schedule a walk through. Remember if they can’t fall in love with it online, they won’t find their way to your front door so make sure your photos keep them clicking and wanting to see more.

4       Promotion: Your home will appear in your agent’s listings, on social media and a host of other websites. Not only will it tell potential buyers the basics of your living space, it is also your chance to highlight what makes your house better than every other house on the market. Have you made major updates? Do you have a pool or other feature that may attract a buyer? This is where to mention it.


We live in a virtual world where one click can make or break the sale. Be sure that the merchandise presented looks as good as it can so that the walkthrough will only serve to confirm what they saw online. This is your home’s screen test; its audition to become your “former” residence and the location of someone’s next big dream!


We create stylish, warm and welcoming houses that captures the buyers’ attention from the moment they are introduced to the property.  We focus on the buyer demographics, the selling features, life style selling techniques and the strategic placement of furniture, art, and accessories that translates to a powerful marketing tool.  Contact us today.  317-209-9801 or at