Real Estate Speed Dating

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Did you know that the average homebuyer assesses the potential of a property within the first six seconds of the walk through?

It’s a little like Real Estate speed dating when you stop and think about it. When someone buys a home, they are entering a long-term relationship and they don’t want to make a mistake. They may have entered the fray with an open mind and only a vague idea of what they were looking for, but it doesn’t take long for their list of “faves” and “turn-offs” to grow exponentially. A few bad showings is all it takes for a home buyer to start eliminating abodes that have been on the scene too long, who appear needy or come with more baggage than they want to deal with.


That’s why it is more important than ever for a home seller to highlight their home to the best of their ability. No one wants something that smacks of desperation and as a professional home stager; it is my goal to help your home make a first impression that will make a buyer want to know more. After all, they have seen the pictures. They are already attracted to the place. Now they want the house to reveal its secrets and discover how they fit into the space. Are we compatible? Am I comfortable here? Is this the place The One?

Speed-Dating 2

Though I can do as little or as much as a home seller wants, when I work with a client, I like to focus on at least three spaces in order to give potential buyers a sense of what they are getting in a particular property. I want them to be excited about its potential and I want to Win them On Walk-in. After all, that’s the Home Matters WOW factor.

Are you ready to dress to impress? Home Matters is ready to help. As Central Indiana’s Premier Home Staging experts, I will help your home take buyers on the journey of anticipation rather than the tour of obligation.

We create stylish, warm and welcoming houses that captures the buyers’ attention from the moment they are introduced to the property.  We focus on the buyer demographics, the selling features, life style selling techniques and the strategic placement of furniture, art, and accessories that translates to a powerful marketing tool.  Contact us today.  317-209-9801 or at