Properly Prepared, Packaged, Presented, and Promoted Houses Sell

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Blog PhotoHouses on the market for sale should be considered products such as cars, shoes, computers, etc. It is the home seller’s job to present their product in an appealing manner that helps to influence the purchasers’ decision to buy. A house on the market needs to look different than a home that is being lived in by a family. In order for properties to compete enough to earn an offer, the home must look inviting and receptive to the properties target market; instead of exhibiting the style of the current homeowners.

How can listings compete while preserving the sellers ‘equity?

Properties that are properly prepared, packaged and ready for promotion are the properties that produce a marketing advantage. Minor home repairs, updates and pre-sale packing along with visual merchandising and emotional messaging are key ingredients in staging successes. Regardless of price and location, staging professionals can bring along a significant value to the selling process.

A staged and market ready property allows the house to compete for the best market position possible by looking more appealing to potential buyers.

The value of staging is easy to understand once you understand why it is important and how it truly can impact the properties salability; yet some homeowners are not aware of the advantages. Some homeowners may be under the impression that showing their homeas it is will entice buyers; they may believe their own sense of style and interior decorating is enough to intrigue any buyer in the market.
In most cases, this is not true. Such a belief can cost the homeowner time and money regarding the sale of the house. You can choose to be lucky and hope to attract a buyer or you can choose a more strategic marketing approach to home selling.

This choice belongs to the sellers, however working with a professional and qualified stager can help them understand the “what and why” that needs to happen and how to leverage their offerings in the marketplace with the proper use of target marketing.

Staging has grown in popularity and many houses on the market have been modified by some level of home staging. These houses are in a better position to sell quickly in comparison to a home that looks cluttered, unkempt, overwhelming, dated, and “lived in”. Of course, potential buyers will understand it is a previously-owned home, yet they still want to envision it as if it is a “newer” home, their “dream” home.

We still need to work on bridging the gap of understanding that staging is a marketing approach to sell properties and is not a decorating treatment to make a house look pretty.

Agents, are you looking to increase your list to close ratio and have your home sellers appreciate your complete marketing approach?

Wishing you a successful year ahead!