Learn more about home staging is the privacy of your real estate office.

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Are you interested in learning more about home staging but don’t know where to begin to ask questions or talk to your customers? Do you not offer services because you are afraid that the seller will ask you to pay for it, or the stager you bring in will tell your client that you should? First off, most home staging services are paid by sellers, who need to be invested in the project, and Home Matters works to be in an collaborative alliance with our Realtor customers. Continue reading to find out how you can learn more so that you can do more to help your customers sell faster and for more money.

Home Matters Home Staging is offering 45 minute in office educational sessions

home staging educational sessionsI’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This is true of home staging. Many real estate professionals believe that they understand our industry because they’ve seen a show on HGTV, worked with a stager who walked around and told sellers to put away their family photos, or worse yet, think that they stage their homes already because they make suggestions on cleaning and de-cluttering. There is a significant difference in preparing a home for sale and staging it. 

Find out what you don’t know by attending one of these workshops in your real estate office. Don’t have one scheduled? Let us know that you would like one and we’ll work with your Broker to set one up. Chances are if you would like to have one, others would too!

What you’ll be able to learn in our educational sessions:

Find out how staging works. Learn the processes of Home Matters and what kinds of services we offer to help your customers.

home matters staging indianapolisLearn how to talk to customers about home staging. Today many of our new customers come from internet searches by individual sellers. They are reaching out to us, often before they’ve talked to an agent. When they talk to you first, are you prepared to answer their questions about home staging? We’ll make sure that you know how to answer all of their questions when they ask, or at least know how and where to get the answers.

Learn how much home staging costs and what the benefits are. Whether you have an occupied listing, or a vacant one, we have options to help you and work in your customer’s budget. Find out how with a minimal investment in home staging your customers can earn a tidy return on investment and you can earn a positive referral base.

Learn how we can help you earn more business. Because we are being contacted more frequently by consumers before the listing agent is called, being part of our referral network is an opportunity for you to earn additional business simply by helping the customers you already have.

A quick look at the home staging process.

Give us a call to schedule an educational session at your real estate office. Find out how home staging can help you grow your business and help your customers earn more money off the sale of their home.