Home Staging Objections: Everyone loves my house!

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There aren’t that many home staging objections out there that we haven’t heard before. There are a few that are more common than others. “Everyone loves my house. I don’t need to stage.” is one of the most common. It is only natural for sellers to feel that their home is perfect, or near perfect. They have probably done a lot of work making it just for them. The colors on the wall, fixtures, and finishes may even have all been picked out by them or specifically for them. It is hard for them to understand why someone else won’t love it just as much. This is especially true when their friends and family have gushed many time, “Your home is so beautiful!”

Everyone loves my house. I don’t need home staging.

home staging objections indianapolisFriends and family probably care a great deal about the homeowner. They know them well, and probably even like or love them. Since our homes are typically a reflection of our personalities, likes, and dislikes, it makes perfect sense for them to come into the home of someone they care about, see the imprint of them in the decor, and instantly feel a connection.

It is less that everyone loves the home and the decorating and more that they are saying, “This house is a representation of you, and I love it!”

Think of someone who you care about who you may have made this statement to. Now imagine yourself moving into their home. Would you change anything? Could your furniture and belongings move right in with the way the home is in it’s current state? 

Home staging is for the buyer, not for the home seller

home staging objectionsWhile no one wants to spend more money on something they are getting ready to sell, sometimes it’s money well spent. If you were selling a car, you would probably clean it and get it detailed. It would have a nice coat of wax, and probably not bald tires. You may even pick up some touch up paint and minimize some of the little dings and scratches. Selling a home is only different in that generally speaking a car has a depreciating value where a home as appreciating value. You’ll nearly always lose money on a car, but a home is an investment.

Let’s go back to the original objection of the home seller, that their friends and family love their home, therefore it doesn’t need to be staged. If the psychology is understood that everyone loves the home because it is a reflection of the owner, then it should also be reasonable to understand that the seller may (and probably won’t) have the same personality. Their furniture may not fit into this home at all. The home itself, however, may be a perfect fit. It may have the right number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, be in the right neighborhood, and have a layout perfect for the buyer’s family. Unless the home looks and feels like it will be a fit for their life, however, they will not buy it. 

No matter how common the objection, this is a subject that many home sellers seem to have a difficult time with. A home is personal. It’s where you spend your life. As soon as the seller lists the home, it becomes a marketable product. It is no longer a home, but rather a house that needs to be properly merchandised to attract as many buyers as possible to generate the highest possible price. Home staging accomplishes just that.