Fido and Fluffy – Pets when selling your home

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When you have your home readied for resale by a professional Home Stager and placed on the market by your Real Estate agent, it begins an inconvenient state of living for most families. It’s critical to the overall marketing of the home, but it’s hard to feel comfortable when half of your items have been boxed up and placed into storage or when furniture has been rearranged in a way that feels foreign.

The family members who may be the most inconvenienced during the selling period are our pets. After having the run of the house for years, Fido and Fluffy may resist being put in a cage during showings or having their food bowls relocated for the time being.


As a professional Home Stager, clients often tell me that they simply can’t bear the thought of relegating their precious pets to a crate in the garage and are hesitant to remove all trace of their four-legged family members from the home. My question to them is, “How do you take your cat or dog to the vet, groomers, or even to the park without restraining them in some way?”

Look, I get it. I have pets myself and they are a part of my family, but when you are selling your home, its best to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Even if the potential buyer has pets of their own, they do not necessarily want to meet yours. One unwarranted jump, lick or (God forbid) bite could not only kill your chances for a sale, but could land you into a more uncomfortable situation than merely living in a staged home.

We all have to make sacrifices when selling our homes and that includes our furry friends as well. They will survive the home selling process and so will you. I promise!

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