Do You Really Need to Stage Bathrooms?

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Even the tiny details go a long way when you’re looking to sell. That’s because buyers aren’t just looking for a great location—they also want every room to use its full potential.


Having the right furniture for your living room and master bedroom can help key areas seem even more spacious. Yet square footage isn’t always the biggest selling point. It’s more important that every room be practical and relevant for the buyer. For smaller areas, like the bathroom, staging really helps create that “at home” feel. In fact, a staged bathroom might be all it takes to push potential buyers head-over-heels in love with your home!


Clean Bathrooms vs. Professional Staging


As long as the bathroom is relatively modern, there won’t be much to do, right? And if your bathroom hasn’t fallen victim to any of the top outdated bathroom fads, you might think all you need to do is clean it up. Scrub the tile, wash out the sink, and you’re good to go—or are you? This is where so many sellers miss the mark. A clean bathroom doesn’t automatically make it presentable. The buyers’ psychology is more complicated than that.


Professional-Staging-Bathroom_Home Matters 0817In fact, a lot of designers say that minimalism has become a real turn-off for bathroom spaces. Bare shelves can even make the space feel abandoned or neglected, which can be strangely off-putting. On the flip side, placing a few items in the bathroom cabinets actually draws special attention to them. Staging tells buyers, “This is a practical room—check out this extra storage!” An empty bathroom can unintentionally say the exact opposite. That’s why having a clean space isn’t enough to categorize it as “staged.”


A professional stager works with the room’s current layout to emphasize the positives, like the extra storage over the toilet. They know how to place items that add personality and character. More importantly, they know how to do this without cluttering the space. When you want to get a great ROI on your home, professional staging is the way to go.


Staging Bathrooms for First-Time Buyers


Younger buyers often want to feel that they’re getting the total package—without any additional labor. Seeing areas that they might want to remodel can be distracting, so it’s important to showcase each room as move-in ready. Again, staging helps make the magic. And with the right décor in place, you’ll be able to get pictures that clearly depict the type of lifestyle your new buyers are craving.


Bathroom-Staging-Benefits_Home Matters 0817Presenting a bathroom with a cohesive color scheme is step one. Using items that mimic the faucet’s finishes on the counter, or strategically placing a picture helps tie the room together. Hanging a shower curtain that is muted and compliments the existing paint color can make a huge difference in how inviting the room feels—even if it’s just a bathroom! Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are often the most expensive home projects, so put your buyers’ minds at ease from the start. Show them that every room is great as-is, and they’ll be more eager to put in a good offer. A staging company with plenty of inventory will have the right items to elevate any room.


Younger buyers are also more likely to start their home searches online, where great photographs make a big difference. These savvy buyers (even if they’re new to the buyers’ market) have probably seen their fair share of design shows. They’ll know right away whether a house has been lovingly staged or listed without a second thought. Make a good impression right out of the gate to get the offers you really want.


The Grand Finale—Staging the Master Bath


Of course, more experienced buyers will want to seeing staging, too. When it comes to your master bath, don’t leave those details untouched. Cleaning the space is a great place to start, but you shouldn’t stop there. To attract buyers who are really looking for spa treatment, you want to make the master bath picture-perfect.


Master-Bath-Staging_Home Matters 0817Again, an empty space can feel more off-putting than anything. Help buyers imagine themselves using this space to relax and make it easy for them to see the streamlined design. Clean countertops only get them half of the way there. A couple other items in the room help create that “homey” feel every buyer is really looking for. Professional staging helps make that happen.


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