5 Ways to Wow Your Buyers’ Senses

Posted by admin under Home Staging Education

Photographs can only go so far when trying to win over buyers. They are a necessary step, but the process of selling your home involves so much more. The magic really happens during a walk-through. When you appeal to the major senses—sight, touch, and smell—you’ll really be able to make a great first impression.


1. Big Artwork


Walking into a room with bare walls doesn’t usually feel inviting, but a beautiful piece of art can set a different tone. An interesting painting or print can provide endless inspiration. That’s why they make great “jumping off” points for interior design. Art serves as a great reference for color choices with accent items and furniture.


When choosing art for home staging, sticking with muted abstracts or landscapes tends to be best because they have a more universal appeal. We especially love to incorporate large artwork (when space allows). These can also help ground a space and guide the eye to a central focal point.


2. Cozy Rugs


Another way to ground a space is to set it up with a fantastic area rug. We love the added texture of this piece on the hardwood floor. It just makes the living room so much cozier! The rug easily becomes an anchor for the entire room. That’s more than the coffee table alone could do. Plus, it’s sized correctly. If the rug was too small, the couches would seem to overwhelm the space. There’s a fine balance for your design aesthetic. When you get it right, your buyers are sure to notice.


3. Furniture Placement


When staging a home, we want to organize furniture so that every room has a comfortable flow. No one wants to feel crowded or cramped as they walk through a home tour. Professional staging works to give your space a casual, open feel, which ends up making each room seem bigger.


A smart layout will also help define areas that feel a little tricky to navigate. For example, a lot of buyers are interested in open floorplans, but they aren’t quite sure how to arrange their own furniture to work with that architectural style. Staging makes it easier to imagine how you can live in a new space. The same goes for smaller rooms. When you work with a staging company that has a large inventory of furniture, you’ll be able to showcase each room with the appropriately-sized table, chairs, bed frame, and other item.


4. Tiny Details


If you really want to pique your buyers’ interest, you’ll want to add in a few accent pieces. When you’re getting ready to list, it’s better to stick with neutral design elements. Family photos or personal collections don’t send the right message. People touring your home want to envision how their own life might look at your address. Adding some plants, warm lighting, and playing with different materials (like a wire bowl and ceramic vases on this dresser) can make every room feel a little more fresh and modern.


5. Air Quality


Buyers typically focus on the visual aspects of a home, like the wall colors and high ceilings, or the different textures, like a brick fireplace or new carpeting. But impressing your buyers also means paying attention to their other senses. You might want to consider your air quality before scheduling a home tour. Musty smells or other lingering odors can be a big turn-off. Simply opening a few windows to get a fresh breeze can really help brighten up your home. You could also consider lighting a few candles with a subtle vanilla scent before a tour starts.


Giving a little extra attention to your home can show a variety of buyers that your property has just what they’ve been looking for. Tidying up and being smart about design helps set listings apart from the pack. From the online pictures to an in-person walk-though, incorporating any one of these “wow” factors can have a big impact on your sale!