Our Freshest Home Design Tips for Spring

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Saying so-long to winter certainly brightens our mood! Those cozy days are great, but it’s always nice to welcome the new season. We love changing up our style for spring. Home design doesn’t have to stay stagnant throughout the year. If you’re looking for some ways to freshen up your space, these ideas are for you!


Feeling Light and Airy for Spring


Mixing things up is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. As we start moving away from the frosty days, you might want to swap out some design features around your home. Different pillows on the couch might make more sense for spring. Those heavy wool blankets can go back in storage, too. Look for light cotton blends or even linen for another type of natural look and feel.


Different pillows in the bedroom are also fun. We loved the purple on these walls and thought some pops of color could help tie the room together. (Doesn’t this yellow one remind you of bright daffodils?) Experimenting with color and fabrics can help set the tone for sunny days and warmer nights. Maybe you want to put your bedroom rug away for the coming months. It can be nice to feel the cool wood floors on your feet during the spring and summer. That’s just another way to bring the light and airy feel indoors.


Design and Texture at Every Turn


You also want to be sure to bring your design sense to your screened-in porch and patios. Add a plant or vase to your tables to create a nice centerpiece. If your green thumb is lacking you can always go with some faux succulents or flowers. These little touches can help your home shine at every turn.


As you play with fabric choices, you also want to look at different textures. When you set up your outdoor furnishings, you might be inspired to bring some of those materials inside as well. Wicker doesn’t have to stay in the sun. Maybe you’ll find a woven texture for an end table or some other bamboo pieces to use in your living room. These sometimes make more sense during spring. You can enjoy them now, then put them away when the weather cools. Your “seasonal” décor doesn’t just have to be for the holidays.


Ready for a Fresh Start?


If you’re interested in making a change, but don’t know where to start, just call on Home Matters! Our design team is always happy to collaborate with you for some fresh new takes on your home. We can work with what you have already and try out some new layouts, or we can go shopping for some great new pieces.


Professional home staging helps sell your home, but it’s also about creating a warm and welcoming vibe for real life. The right furniture and accents can make any house feel like home. Maybe you’ve recently made a move. Do you feel like the space reflects your true style? Or perhaps you’re feeling stuffy in a house that you’ve lived in for years. We’re happy to meet you wherever you’re at emotionally with your space. With a little inspiration from the spring season, we can help make your space shine!