Set the Scene—with Home Mood Lighting

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Mood lighting isn’t just for up-scale restaurants. Our homes can do with their own bit of romance, too! Whether you want lighting options to calm you down, or other setups designed for an energy boost, choosing the right bulbs is important. After that, we think light fixture itself is just as special for setting the scene—and creating a little magic.


Ambiance on the Main Level


Candles are a nice option if you want to embrace that warm glow ambiance in the evening. But they aren’t always practical. Going with a permanent lighting option can be a better way to enjoy your space. We love homes that make a statement with their lighting fixtures, like this open concept kitchen and family room. The overhead lights look so sleek set between these wooden beams. And these globes over the kitchen island are a great statement piece.


Installing new lighting fixtures can be such a smart way to refresh your home because the process has a relatively low investment cost. Rather than replace the kitchen countertops or cabinets, you can just swap out some of your overhead lighting options for a more modern look. Just use this kitchen as inspiration!


Lighting Options with Home Staging


As home stagers, we usually don’t have a say in a home’s lighting fixtures, so it’s always nice when a room already has a nice setup installed. The classic warm glow of this shaded chandelier was a great starting place. We took a hint from the gold fixture with the mirror over the bed (which acts like its own type of headboard). Then we found a similar tone for the lamp shade on the end table. It all looks super cozy, right?


We also made sure to keep all of the lights on when we took this pic. One of the keys for a great home listing is to make the space as bright as possible in your photographs. So you’ll want to turn on the lights in each room. This make it easier to see all of the home’s architectural details. It would be hard to notice the tray ceiling in this master bedroom if the lights were off. Plus, you get the full impact of the chandelier itself when the bulbs are lit.


Take Natural Lighting to the Max


If you aren’t sure what to do with your lighting, starting with natural lighting can help. We love how this master bathroom amplifies the light coming in from the walk-in shower. All it takes is a can of bright white paint. Other hues—even a cream or an eggshell—might dull and mute the overall lighting. Sticking with white really makes this bathroom come alive and feel fresh. That’s its own type of ambiance. Sometimes we want an energized space instead of a relaxed feel. (It would certainly make it easier to wake up in the morning as you get ready for the day!)


Lighting can create such a strong emotional baseline for any room. That’s why we believe in giving each space the best presentation possible. When you think of mood lighting, you don’t have to reserve it to Valentine’s Day. Every day of the week can become more romantic and intimate (or welcoming and bright) with the right home accents. If you need help finding the right balance, you can always reach out to us for a consultation. We’d be happy to meet with you!