7 Traits That Make a Good Realtor Great

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Working with a great real estate agent is a lot like finding your ideal home in that what’s good for you might not be good for the next family. Just as certain home features may be more suited to your needs, the character traits of your agent need to complement your own personality. But when it comes to choosing an experienced and professional realtor, a handful of qualities are definite winners.


Before you commit to working with anyone, it’s a wise idea to check the facts. Great reviews and testimonials, a good understanding of the current market, and being able to “click” with your agent are all important. Cross-reference this list to make sure you’re teaming up with a real pro!


Qualities of a Truly Great Realtor


1. Top Performers


Indianapolis-Realtor_Professional Home Matters Staging-1805Buyers and sellers both benefit from working with a real estate agent who is a real star in their industry. For this job, you’ve got to go with someone who’s been around the block. Realtors who consistently close more deals than the average agent in their area are clearly the ones to watch. When you ask about their stats, it’s important to pay attention to how long they’ve been in business, as well as how many clients they regularly service. Evaluating these details will help you feel confident about working together—no matter what side of the table you’re on for the closing.


2. Trusted Network


Many realtors rely on specific referral partners to help keep their listings on track. Great organizational skills are required for managing everything from professional home staging services to cleaning the home, making minor repairs, and scheduling tours. Oftentimes, getting these tasks done right means outsourcing to the experts and having a close-knit team. If your agent is trying too hard to be a “one-person show,” you might be missing out on some of the benefits of having a realtor with a trusted referral network.


3. Patient Listener


Good-Real-Estate-Agent_Home Matters Staging-1805It’s always important that your agent pays attention to you and your family’s wants and needs. Honoring your must-have list for a new home and being able to listen and honor your timeline will make purchasing or selling your home so much easier. A good listener will even be more likely to match your ideal type of communication style—whether that’s sharing updates via text, phone call, or email. A patient realtor always pays off!


4. Wholehearted Honesty


Of course, all those good listening skills have to be put to good use in other ways, too. Not all real estate agents can give you the honest feedback you’re looking for, yet this is a valuable part of making an informed decision. Your big transaction will benefit from having your realtor share some hard truths. Is your dream home riddled with expensive repairs? Does your listing need professional home staging to make a better impact for buyers? These suggestions might sound frustrating, but a great realtor will know how to break the news to you in a kind manner.


5. Easily Adaptable


Great-Realtor-Traits_Home Matters Home Staging-1805The best realtors can handle just about any real estate situation with ease. Because they’re quick to adapt, you can relax and feel good about where you’re headed. You can also think of this trait as being a quick and creative problem-solver. When your real estate agent is able to look at properties and buyer and seller agreements with a critical eye, your experience should be relatively hassle-free. If you notice any signs of a short temper, you might be better going in a different direction.


6. Community Expert


A great real estate agent will also have a good grasp of the community where they live and work. In a lot of ways, you’re looking to have a tour guide for your new neighborhood, right? Your agent should be able to point out great community events around town, tell you about the good restaurants and shops nearby, and help paint the picture for what life might look like where you’re thinking to move. The same goes for sellers. If your agent is informed about the area’s latest trends, they’ll know how to help stage your home to attract the right type of buyers.


7. Magnetic Personality


If all the other qualities are met, the last thing to check for is whether or not you “click” with your realtor on a personal level. When talking with your realtor gets you in a good mood, you’re definitely on the right track! After all, it takes more than just skills to become a great real estate agent—you’ve got to have the personality to match. While this will look different from person to person, if you can find an agent that speaks to you on a deeper level, you should be set for a great experience.