Modern Home Office Design: Balancing Productivity and Personality

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Making a resolution to streamline your work space is a smart way to kick off the new year. Just about any space in your house can be converted into a command center or home office. It’s all about having the right pieces for your personal style—and a vision for getting good work done.


Start with the Office Essentials


Professional Design Home Office-Home Matters 1801All too often, having good organizational skills means you know how to compartmentalize chaos. But is that a good thing? When re-designing your home office, it’s best to stick to the basics. Whether you need a place for the entire work-week, or just a quiet spot to pay the bills and manage your flood of emails, your home office should be calm, clean, and collected. The less items you have, the better you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. That may mean you need to invest in a new desk that’s sized right for your room and your comfort. Maybe you really do need a different bookshelf to add some character, or a nice painting to brighten up your space.


But other times, you might need to downsize. A healthy perspective on what it’s actually necessary to your process will keep your home office looking more like a zone of productivity than a clutter-magnet. It helps to think twice about purchasing an additional filing cabinet or an extra set of storage containers. Putting things in neatly labeled boxes can sound like “organizing” at first, but just be careful. You don’t want a habit of collecting old papers to eventually turn into hoarding.


Call on Home Comfort


Another thing to remember when creating your home office is that you can bend the traditional rules. You’re not in a commercial building—you’re at home! So even though the room is designated for work, you can still play around with cozy, homey pieces.


Comfortable Home Office-Home Matters-1801Since you aren’t sharing the space with other colleagues, you won’t have to exercise the same considerations of working in a shared space. For example, you can light a scented candle without any chance of offending anyone. You might even think of setting up a system for the radio or other music to play while you work through your schedule—so long as it helps you to mentally “stay in the zone.” And if you want your canine or feline friends nearby, no one can stop you from adding a cushy pet pillow by your desk. While you’re at it, consider giving yourself a relaxing spot of your own. Can you make room for a comfortable armchair? Transforming one corner of your office into a cozy nook can be a great way to unwind between calls. It might also become the ideal spot or get ready for the day with a cup of morning coffee.


Incorporate Your Personal Touch


Personal Home Office Style-Home Matters 1801Remember: The rest of your home reflects your personal style, so don’t let your office turn into a completely stark and bland version. Your office is obviously a distinct place in your home, but you can still have it connect with the rest of your space by staying true to what feels “you.” Once you’ve paired down to your office essentials and found the items that help make your space relaxing, be sure to mix in pieces that are a little more unique, too.


Playing with different wallpaper and styles of lighting are a great way to make your home office look and feel one-of-a-kind. What’s the point of having a workspace that’s cookie-cutter like all the rest?  It’s much more fun to have a sense of style.


If you need help pin-pointing the ideas for your personal space, you can always bring in another set of eyes. Our team of professional designers at Home Matters would be happy to help! Consultation packages are great for homeowners looking to have a better flow throughout every room—especially in those spaces that are tricky to figure out. Send us a message to get started, and we’ll work together to find the perfect setup for your lifestyle.