How to Take Home Staging Outside

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When most homeowners hear the words “staging,” their minds immediately go to their living room and master bedroom. But home staging doesn’t just happen on the inside. Your front porch should definitely get a little touch-up to make your home feel inviting for tours. For extra sell-ability, you want to show off the backyard features, too.


If you’ve already covered a few of these quick curb appeal projects, be sure to do a full circle walk around your property. Are there any outdoor living areas that look bland or neglected? A photogenic backyard will help inspire more buyers to seriously consider your listing. Professional staging can help make homes look great inside and out!


The Best Features for Today’s Buyers


Outdoor living areas are hot for buyers of almost any background. Whether your home is targeted to first-time homeowners or experienced buyers, a versatile outdoor space is sure to catch their attention. Today’s homebuyers want a place to entertain friends and family, and you’ll get bonus points if your spaces can be enjoyed year-round.


Sunroom-Staging_Home Matters 0717Green living is in, and according to Money Magazine, multi-functional areas and indoor-outdoor living setups are among the top requested home features for buyers today. Sunrooms can be the perfect example of this type of lifestyle. With easy access to the outdoors (as well as the rest of the home) this luxury adds a lot of character to both new and old properties. Professional staging can set it up with the right color scheme and décor to make your home rise above the rest. The same goes for any areas in your home that support the “bringing the outdoors in” way of life.


Outdoor fireplaces should be showcased just as much. Pictures are worth a thousand words, after all. It’s so much easier for your prospective buyers to imagine a property as their new home when a stager can arrange the space with the right furniture. Sometimes, all it takes is a little wood in the fire pit and a couple of loungers. Your buyers’ imagination will do the rest. Before long, they’ll start picturing themselves kicking back on the weekends in their new backyard.


Staging Homes with a View


Lake-Home-Professional-Staging_Home Matters 0717When you’ve got a great lakefront property, you won’t usually need to do much in the way of outdoor staging. That view itself does most of the work, but you’ll still want to frame that pretty scenery for your listing’s online photos. The right professional home stager will choose outdoor furniture that matches your target market’s aesthetic. Think rustic Adirondacks for your lakeside cabin, or a set of patio furniture for buyers who will likely have kids or grandkids.


When you stage correctly, you might realize that there’s no need to spend much extra money on landscaping your property. Especially since most buyers will want to put their own spin on the landscaping anyway! Staging lets you capture their attention with a great first impression, yet it doesn’t force buyers to make a commitment to a totally new design. Most homes already have a lot of great things working for them.


The Home Matters Team


Stage-Pool-Patio_Home Matters 0717Professional staging with Home Matters lets homeowners and leasing offices get the appropriate staging package for their listing. You might decide to stage the entire home, or just a few key areas. Either way, staging your backyard can set you up for selling success.


No matter where you’re at in your selling process—or even if you’re looking to stage a model home or apartment—the design team at Home Matters can help. With our massive amount of inventory and creative eye, we’ll give your property its best look yet. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your design appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!