Model Home Staging for Today’s Buyers

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Builders who want to stage their model homes know that emotional appeal is big for buyers. Nowadays, real estate isn’t just about location. You need a winning floorplan, great home amenities, and a surefire way to win your homeowners’ hearts. That’s where professional staging can help.


In recent years, more and more builders have come to appreciate the selling power of home staging. When you stage your model homes, it’s not just a one-off investment. The right designs help boost your products’ appeal for a wider market.  You get more online views, more walk-throughs, and most importantly—more offers.


Model Home Staging

Without the right “wow” factor, it can be hard for potential buyers to appreciate everything your home has to offer. One recent report from REALTOR says that staging makes it easier for over 80% of buyers to image a property as their future home. With odds that high, it’s a wonder more buyers aren’t hiring professional stagers!


Home-Builders-Staging_Home Matters 0417In that same REALTOR report, nearly 50% of prospective buyers will be more willing to schedule a walk-through when online listings are clearly staged. When you have a great product, it’s always nice to let it shine a little more. Staging that’s matched for a specific target market will set you up for a home run. Buyers need to feel like they’re at their future home right when they walk through the front door—not just another listing.


From Floorplans—to Floored

New homes have great advantages for today’s buyers. They have beautiful new fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and fantastic floorplans. Those details shouldn’t hard to miss, but relying on those features along may not get you the results you want. Staging helps today’s buyers take notice.


Home-Staging-Before_Home Matters 0417

You see, prospective buyers often struggle looking at a vacant space. It’s a lot easier for them to fall in love with a home that’s filled with great visual prompts—a table set for dinner, a cozy armchair in a reading corner, colorful patio furniture that’s ready for summer entertaining. Your model home offers buyers a future—not just a roof over their head. Instead of presenting them with an empty room, help them imagine their life at every turn.


Staging is all about putting buyers in the right mindset. Professional designers will help answer your buyers’ questions—even before they think to ask them! Concerns like, “Is this room big enough?” or “How will I make this open floor plan work?” are whisked away when you have the right furniture placement. When buyers see that your layout is functional, modern, and a great fit for their lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to want to make an offer.


Marketing for Home Builders

Home-Staging-After_Home Matters 0417
Along the way, proper staging also makes it easier to have the right, professional pictures for your listings to share on social media and other outlets. Can you see the difference staging makes in this photo, compared to the one above? Staging gets homes looking their best and polished, which in turn reflects how your company does business.


When done correctly, home staging isn’t just for the buyers’ peace of mind. It’s a great marketing tool for sellers and builders. The right stagers know how to design with psychology in mind. Instead of just organizing a room with appropriately-sized furniture, they also know how to select pieces based on the home’s listed price and the potential buyers’ aesthetic. A home design and property location that’s perfect for a young couple will need to be staged differently than a condo at a senior community. Knowing how to stage for your target market is a must if you want to catch the eye of the right buyer.


Professional Staging with Home Matters

As with any industry, you want to make sure you’re going with a company that’s experienced. Not all stagers are the same—especially for builders. Your professional stager should have access to a massive amount of inventory if they’re going to do the job right. Switching out your model home décor to match the changing seasons will help keep your listings relevant month-to-month.


When you need help bringing your new home to life, call on the staging experts at Home Matters. Our property stylists love working with home builders! With a streamlined process for staging your model homes, we’ll help your model home target the buyers in your area. Send us a message or give us a ring to get started. We’re always happy to schedule consultations.