The living room is dark and the breakfast room is too small.

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What is the negative feedback that you are getting on your Indianapolis listing? Are the rooms too small, too dark, awkward, or do buyers just not connect? Professional home staging can help.

This Indianapolis living room is too dark.

This beautiful living room might feel small and dark to many home buyers.

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Buyers should be focusing on the beautiful hardwood floors, built-in book cases, and trim work. Instead they may be focusing on debating how their furniture will work in the space and how dark the room feels.

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After staging the room is light and bright. Neutral furnishings with pops of color make the space feel warm and inviting and give buyers necessary contrast to the dark floors and cabinetry. Accessories and artwork draw the eye up, making the room feel taller and showcasing some of other features, like the wood beamed ceilings.

This Indianapolis breakfast room is too small.

It’s fascinating to watch. Buyers always think that dining room tables and beds are bigger than they really are. When breakfast rooms are more like eat-in-kitchens, buyers are more likely to feel that seating will interfere with the traffic flow in the room, creating yet another buying objection.

indianapolis home staging objections


When buyers think that the room is too small they are likely to pass on the home. Room for kids with their breakfast cereal is a great selling feature but only if they think the table and chairs will fit.

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At Home Matters we understand how to make a room look large, enhancing the selling features of your listings. By eliminating objections before buyers have a chance to have them provide an opportunity to sell your listings faster and for higher prices.



Why your bookcases could cost your Indianapolis home equity.

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Your Indianapolis home may be losing equity all because of the bookcases that you’ve distributed throughout ¬†your home. While built-in bookcases can add value to your home, bookcases that are used as furniture pieces could be reducing the value of your home.

How bookcases can reduce equity in Indianapolis

One of the most important features to today’s home buyers is storage space. Buyers want large walk-in closets, pantries, and other well organized storage areas. While furniture style bookcases are often added to a home to increase the storage space, for buyers this actually tends to draw attention to the idea that there is not enough storage in the home.

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Remove free standing bookcases to show off storage space

One of the biggest problems that home sellers face is the idea that they have outgrown their home. A vast majority of sellers are “moving-up”. They are typically moving from a smaller home into a larger home. In the inevitable attempt to make their home work, homeowners have purchased bookcases or cabinets and set them in the busiest rooms. This probably means that they have too much stuff for the current home they are living in and are feeling the pinch in space.¬†Closets too are likely to be over stuffed.¬†Unfortunately this is usually all too clear to buyers.

When buyers tour the home, the feedback will usually come back as “the home feels too small for us”, even when it has large rooms or open floor plans.

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When you are selling your home, look for storage items that are not built-in and consider removing them while your home is on the market. This will help remove any subtle storage issues for buyers and help you regain the equity that is slowly being eaten away.