What does your body language tell you about a home?

Becoming an expert in home staging just might mean becoming an expert at certain aspects of understanding body language. Over the years I’ve found some interesting things that are completely subconscious, but if you learn to pay attention to them, you will find your body telling you what’s working, or not working, in a home.

Learning to listen to what your body tells you about a home.

Instinctively our body reacts to our surroundings. When we go into a home that is crowded our body will try to make itself smaller. You may find you pulling your arms or shoulders in. If there are multiple people in a room, they’ll automatically move closer to each other or file into a line. When you walk into a room that is spacious and open, our bodies will relax and open up. People will spread out. If you are really in tune with your body, you may also find your body responding when looking at photos of rooms. Next time you log in to MLS, notice the way your body, particularly your face, eyes, arms, shoulders, chest, and feet respond to photos. Do the muscles tighten or relax?

how body language effects home buyers

What is your physical response to this before photo? Where did your eye go?
Did your breathing or body language shift?


Subtle differences can create powerfully different experiences.

When you understand that buyers literally mean the house just doesn’t feel right, it is easier to overcome the issues.  Professional home stagers, like those at Home Matters are trained to understand the subtle cues that the home, and the furnishings in the home, give off to buyers.

body language in selling a home

How did you respond to this photo. Where did your eye go?
Did you find yourself taking a breath or relaxing?

Home staging isn’t about adding furniture, art, and accessories, or even just removing them in occupied homes. It is about understanding the signals that cause buyers to want to live in a home, or not live in a home. Once we know what they are, we can help overcome any issues and create an atmosphere that buyers love.

When selling, what's not in a home is as important as what is.

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When a potential buyer looks for a home in the Greater Indianapolis area, one of the things they are probably looking for is SPACE. Ironically, many homes for sale are full of STUFF. Stuff rarely sells a home. Even when vacant homes are staged, we don’t bring in stuff, we add furniture, art, and accessories to help buyers visualize the space, establish form and function, and control the buyer’s eye to focal points and features. Everything is very calculated.

Empty space is a key element in staging a home

For occupied homes in particular, removing the seller’s personality and connection to the home is important. Since buyers needs to visualize themselves, and not the seller, living in the home this is an important step to achieving the best end result possible. Like vacant homes, the layout of the home needs to be carefully orchestrated to achieve the best flow for the floor plan, rooms need to have a clear function, and the buyer’s eye needs to flow from feature to feature without missing a beat.

indianapolis home staging

Homes that are lived in typically have an abundance of furniture, art, and accessories. The flow of the room may be blocked because of the way the seller likes to live. Bedrooms may be turned into offices. Dining rooms may have extra chairs or no place to eat at all. The TV may be placed so that the seller can recline on the sofa to watch it, but the room may look better if it was located where multiple family members could face it.

Removing pieces that are not necessary in the home can free up space while shifting other pieces may create a different feeling or better show off a focal point. Hiring a professional home stager, like those at Home Matters, will help sellers understand exactly what to do (and why to do it) to make the most of the sale of their home.

New home staging service for Occupied Homes around Indianapolis

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Are you ready to take the marketing of your listings to the next level?



Our two step process includes a  Home Evaluation ~ ( up to 2 hr.) where we will provide recommendations to help prepare and ready the home for the stage to be set. This includes color analysis, lighting, what to pack, detail cleaning, updating and storage solutions


As part of our package, we’ll provide the necessary art and accessories then come and set everything up. Rooms included in this package are the primary living area, kitchen and master bedroom.

ALL FOR $695.00 for 60 Days!

? Month to month rental options available after initial 60 days, if needed
? Additional rooms available at an additional rate
? No soft-line items will be brought into the home but can be purchased on behalf of the homeowner—sourcing fee applies

indianapolis home staging
Stop offering hands-on staging only for your vacant properties and begin adding this tremendous marketing advantage for your occupied listings as well. FOR FURTHER DETAILS CALL 317-209-9801