Indiana Homeowner Seeks Out Newspaper to Tell Staging Story

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Marsha Moss of Anderson Indiana, homeowner in a small town northeast of Indianapolis tells her staging story to local newspaper.  It is amazing how the power of staging changes people’s lives and in this particular case, it was enough to compel this homeowner to find someone in her local town to tell her story. WoW, that’s a big change, isn’t it?  Normally, the staging company or the realtor would be the one trying to find ways to showcase their work and inform the world of their services.

Not this time. Could this just be a sign that homeowners are truly exploring their options and they understand that their home is a product and they need a property presentation specialist on board as well as a real estate agent to maximize their selling potential?  I would like to think so; so much that I would like to believe that real estate sales are evolving and all parties involved in the real estate transaction participate in their specific role, for in this joint collaboration the anatomy of a successful sale is realized.

My favorite quote from this story was this, “While none of these changes are major and the furniture will return to the warehouse once the condo is sold, the effect they are having on visitors is measurable.”
 What is your favorite line or quote?

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Moral of Story:  Plan Today for a Successful Tomorrow!