Home Staging Helps Sellers Find the Silver Lining

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Everywhere you look and listen today, the economic and housing news is gloomy at best and stormy at worst. With so many homes competing for a smaller and choosier pool of buyers, sellers are overwhelmed with fear that their home will sell only at a giveaway price or after a long time on the market—if it will sell at all.  But what if sellers had a way to fly toward sunnier skies while “weatherproofing” the equity in their home? They do! Home staging can help sellers find the silver lining in the gray clouds of the current real-estate atmosphere. Here’s how:

Staging is practical. Most people wouldn’t leave the house without an umbrella, slicker or galoshes on a rainy day. So why don’t sellers fully prepare to invest in their home’s equity before putting it on the market? Most buyers can have their home professionally staged for much less than the cost of a price reduction. Staging allows sellers to capitalize on buyers’ first impressions and save unnecessary time on the market.

Staging is motivating. Most owners wouldn’t sell a car without repairing and detailing it. So why would anyone put a home on the market without making sure it’s in good condition and appealing to buyers? Often, the answer is that home sellers simply don’t know what to do to improve their chances of a successful sale or how to do it. A consultation with a professional stager can give sellers the detailed and prioritized information to calm their fears and gain a “can-do” attitude!

Staging adds value. Savvy sellers (and realtors) know that staging is a wise investment. Who wouldn’t want to have their home (or listing) appeal to a wide range of buyers in the targeted demographic, and sell faster and/for more money than its competition? Talk about weathering the storm!

Staging is state of the art. Staged homes not only look better when buyers visit, but also in MLS listing photos and virtual tours. And, since more than 80% of buyers now find their next home online before scheduling a tour, staging helps ensure that a home makes a buyer’s must-see list. Every home for sale must be ready for its close-up, if it is to have the competitive edge in today’s technology-driven market.

Staging yields proven results. Statistics consistently show that staged homes sell more successfully (faster and/or for more money) than non-staged homes. And, although the exact numbers may vary according to state or region, the profitable results of home staging are being realized nationwide (and beyond)—even in this stormy market.

So, whether sellers need the expert information and motivation to do the work themselves or the hands-on services of a professional, a home stager can help ensure that the skies ahead will be clearer. During these turbulent times, home staging can provide the ray of sunshine that allows sellers to find their next dream home at the end of the rainbow—while keeping more of their pot of gold.