Examining Your Property and Making Necessary Changes to Move it Upward on the Property Ladder toward a Successful Sale!

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When buyers are house hunting, they look for homes that not only meet their financial needs and desired location, but also their perception of a home’s condition and its value. Therefore, we view our role as a Professional Home Stagers, helping to position our client’s home as “moving it up the property ladder.”

The “property ladder” is a metaphor for a home’s marketability position. The “rungs” of the ladder represent the salability of a home: “poor” at the bottom, moving up to “fair” and then “good” in the middle, culminating in “best” at the top of the ladder. The marketability position is directly influenced by the perceived condition/value a buyer places on a property; thereby allowing the art of home staging to be extremely beneficial toward helping move the home to an improved sellable position. A (“best”) home at the top of the ladder allows the HOME SELLER (S) to reap the most successful sale: the highest price and/or in the shortest amount of time on the market.

How is this accomplished?

Our Professional Home Stagers help determine where the property currently is (which rung) on the ladder by assessing its condition and contents. They then determine how to reposition the property by making specific recommendations to move it upward. There are two main variables our home stagers consider at this point; one is meeting the expectations of the home’s targeted market (or demographic) of buyers; and the second is the price point of the home. Why are the targeted market and price point so important? Because meeting the expectations of buyers—by the way the home is styled or merchandised—will help them connect emotionally with the product that is being sold. Understanding the demographics of the targeted market helps our stagers make recommendations that are just right for the home. The price point will tell the stager what quality of furnishings and other home design features a typical buyer in that price range will expect.

Finally, our stager recommends other design elements that help influence home buyers—including color, scale, proportion, symmetry, balance, flow (traffic) patterns and best use of space. When all these variables fall into place, they create a perfect match between what typical buyers in the demographic see and what they expect. This will move any home upward and lead buyers to an emotional connection with the home. Ultimately, this emotional connection is what helps buyers choose a particular property for their next home.

As Professional Home Stagers, we feel it is our professional obligation and responsibility to give home sellers every possible advantage to make their homes more marketable by repositioning/transforming their products (homes) upward on the property ladder. In doing so, we ensure the best end result: A Fast Profitable Sale!